Welcome to Studio Trybe!


We are a movement center where you can explore disciplines. We offer different classes to all: gymnastics, parkour, yoga, pilates, callisthenics, boxing, kickboxing, zumba and others. Our studio is easily accessible from pretty much everywhere on the island of Montreal and surroundings.


Our studio  is a movement center for all which offers a variety of unique activities for all ages. A wellness centre for the entire family which offers the opportunity to disconnect from social media/technology and make genuine connections with others, in our Trybe community.


Above all, we strive to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone!


Our goal is to offer families and individuals, a schedule that allows for working out together or separately, simultaneously. Also, we are open to suggestions and will do our best to accommodate your schedule. So if you can’t find the class you want in the timeslot you are looking for, talk to us!


Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of classes for you to try out.


Hence, from prenatal to seniors, we have something for everyone!


You can access our schedule here!


There are two types of activities to choose from.



Here you will find many, different types of yoga, boxing, parkour, Pilates, body weight, etc…

We offer prepaid class passes, monthly or yearly  memberships. Reservations for individual classes, can be made through MINDBODY, via our website.


Kids Gym Classes

In this section, you will find classes by session, on a fixed, weekly time and day. This is where you will find gymnastics classes for children and others.


Payment and reservations are per semester.
Trial classes can be arranged, just let us know.


Class schedules and semester schedules must be viewed separately.


Classes Schedule:

Here you will find class schedules such as yoga, boxing, calisthenics, parkour, etc…


Kids Gym Schedule:

Here you will find our courses offered by semester.

Please take note it is not possible to register for these classes online on a mobile phone. Registrations can be taken on site.


We are a multifunctional, movement centre whose goal is to offer a wide variety of ways to exercise, body and mind. While providing a non competitive, inclusive and supportive environment where individuals can work out, at their pace, alongside their peers. 

A space where we feel comfortable to try new things and open our minds to finding new ways to enjoy life and be healthy.


Our wish is to bring the community together. Along with our incredible and uniquely trained teachers and staff, we hope to make you feel welcome and inspired.  


Come and join our Trybe, we are looking forward to meeting you!