Kids Gym Prices

Kids Gym are classes where children must register for a whole session at a specific time. Your children’s spot is therefore reserved weekly for the complete session.
***Trial class are offered if availability at 21$ +tx.


The number of classes varies according to the session (because of holidays, etc.). 1 hour classes are currently 19$ +tx per class, 3 hour morning classes are 45$ +tx per class and 2 hour afternoon classes are 30$ +tx per class. (A registration is therefore the number of classes times that amount.)

FALL 2020

1 hour session for  14 weeks*

1 hour/week, 14 weeks


1 morning session for  14 weeks*

Trybe mornings once a week 630$


1 afternoon session for  14 weeks*

Trybe afternoons once a week 420$


*all prices before applicable taxes